Cabra Tigers Get New Stripes

Congratulations to the 21 boys and girls who were promoted to their next stripe, at last Friday’s grading under Senior Master Phelan (8th Degree). There were 16 promotions to red stripe (year 2) and 5 promotions to black stripe (year 1). The children are in the Taekwon-Do Tigers class (ages 6 to 8 years) which is part of the RITA’s children’s development programme and has a belt /stripe system which is unique to the programme. The Cabra school’s chief instructor, Senior Master Howard (8th degree), was there as a special guest, and the Tigers instructor Master Howard (7th degree) was also present and gave the commands. The Tigers were assessed under four categories; technical, physical and flexibility, kicking and jumping, and theory with Korean words, with the children showing improved performances in all areas especially flexibility and jumping. Both Senior Masters were very impressed with the children’s development and overall standard. As a result, the examiner had a very difficult job in deciding who to give the grading award to. To help in his decision he called 6 of the boys and girls to the floor again and had a second look at them. In the end he decided to give the grading award to Joyce Yu for her higher technical standard.

It was a busy year for the Tigers with their Christmas demonstration, Cabra tournament, and a trip to Athlone for another tournament. The grading was the final event in their calendar and the Tigers are now on their summer break and classes will resume in September. Master Howard would like to thanks all the parents for their support this year and looks forward to seeing them all again in September.

Photographs from this grading are available online here.

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