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Taekwon-Do Dublin TKD

Black Belt for Arno



Congratulations to Arno Denne of Grandmaster Howard’s Dojang who was promoted to 1st degree black belt

at the RITA’s black belt grading in Tallaght this weekend. Arno was put through his paces by the RITA’s

senior examination panel of GM Howard, SM Phelan and SM Barrett. The rigorous test consisted

of; 2 patterns, self-defence (release from grabs), knife self-defence, free-sparring 2-on-to-1 sparring,

breaking and theory. Arno did well on the flying side kick breaks and also broke with backfist strike

to secure the coveted black belt. Arno started training with Grandmaster Howard at blue belt when his

original school Coolock closed a few years ago. Well done Arno from all the students at

Grandmaster Howard’s Dojang and Coolock.

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