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Congratulations to the ITF Ireland team who had a successful European Championships in Bulgaria with 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze.

Day one started off with Mr Mark Pollock winning Bronze in the Veteran male 3rd dan patterns followed up with Ms Patrice Conaty winning the Gold in the veteran female 1st dan patterns. There was disappointment for Hannah Eade and Roisin O'Neill who lost out in their quarter finals to the eventual winners in Child red belt and Junior black belt pattern divisions. Kia Conaty-Carley also had a great performance in the Red Belt child patterns.

Day two saw Ms Patrice Conaty winning Silver after losing out in Sudden death golden point in the +75kg Veteran Female Sparring Final to England. Mr Mark Pollock went though to semi finals of veteran +90 sparring after a tough match against Czech Republic. Kia and Hannah had tough starts to their International sparring careers with both getting a Russian in the -165cm female child sparring divisions. The more experience Russians won but both Irish girls showed great potential for the future.

Day three had a great start with Mr Pollock moving into the Final against Serbia after his Bulgarian opponent withdrew. He then went on to win in a hard match with the Serbian. This was quickly followed up by another Gold with Lauren Bradshaw showing great skills to beat her Russian opponent in the Final of the 14-15 Female +70kg Sparring. Lauren had earlier won against Greece and Bulgaria to get to the Final. Unfortunately there were no more medals but some brave performances in sparring from Dylan Russell, Roisin O'Neill, Leon Brennan and Lauren Russell. Great experience for the future.

On Day Four Ms Conaty picked up a Bronze in the Female Veteran power division. Ciaran Pollock and Neidin Coulihan were sparring action but lost out to very experienced fighters in the 16-17 +75 kg male sparring and -75 Kg Adult Female Sparring respectively. The new exciting team sparring event of "Power Taekwon-Do" was demonstrated with Russia winning the full contact matches against Croatia and Bulgaria.

Day 5 was a great end to the European Championships with Ms Neidin Coulihan winning the Silver in Female power breaking. Earlier in the day Ms Patrice Conaty won Gold in the Mixed Veteran Self Defence Routine with Mr Adam Fox and Mr Mark Pollock. Mr Pollock then won bronze in the Male Veteran Self Defence with Mr Adam Fox, Dylan Russell and Ciaran Pollock.

Full team selection for the European Championships:

Umpires: Senior Master Francis Barrett, Master Robert Howard and Mr Floyd Keane

National Coach Mr Stephen Doyle




Cabra Fun Challenge 2012


Thursday 24th May 2012

7 – 9pm






Special events for boys and girls of the


Taekwon-Do Tigers Friday class. All Spectators Welcome


Fun Challenge for the Tigers Class

This is a special class to prepare your child for real tournaments in the future. It is a fun event and is designed to encourage your child to practice their Taekwon-Do at home.


1) 4 step – kick (4 times to the right, them 4 times to the left)
Try your best to .....
1) have the kicking leg fully straight at the end of the kick
2) pull the top of your foot back so that you kick with the side of your foot
3) turn your standing foot in the opposite direction to your kicking leg
4) do a high punch while kicking and put the other hand on your hip
2) Stretching routine –15 seconds to impress the judges with your flexibility.
3) Jump over head kick (Nopi chagi) – Jump up as high as you can to kick the pad.
4) Team sparring

Safety Equipment

All children will be sparring and will need to bring their gums shields. Boys will need their groin guards. You child will be put on a team for the team sparring. If they can’t attend please text me to let me know so I can rearrange the team.


Looking forward to seeing you there.


Master Robert Howard


Grandmaster Howard’s students had success at the ITF-Ireland Cup Taekwon-Do Championships in Cork recently. Grand Master Howards students and instructors left Dublin at 5.30am to travel to Cork. There was a fantastic turn out with 20 students competing in the tournament, taking home 4 gold 3 silver and 7 bronze a fantastic achievement for the school. Congratulations to all students who competed, it was a very successful and enjoyable day and we hope to bring more competitors to the competition in Tallaght in December. The successful competitors in the competition were

Overall Junior
Alex Nowak  

9th Kup Patterns
1st Place  Jodie  Curley  
3rd Place  Jodie  Parsons  

Blue Belt 12 - 17 Yrs Patterns
1st Place  Alex  Nowak  


Female Yellow - Red Belt 9 - 11 Yrs +146cm
3rd Place  Leah  Bannon  

Male Yellow & Green Belt 15 - 17 Yrs +61kgs
3rd Place  Lee   Parsons  

Special Technique
Male & Female 15 - 17 Yrs Special Technique
1st Place  Alex  Nowak  


Green Belt Patterns
3rd Place  Lisa   Parsons  

Red Belt Patterns

3rd Place  Arno  Denne  
3rd Place  Breda  O'Donoghue  

Black Belt Patterns III & IV Degree

2nd Place  Leon  McSherry  
3rd Place  Adam   Fox  


Female Yellow - Blue Belt +66kgs
2nd Place  Lisa   Parsons  


Male Black Belt Power
1st Place  Adam  Fox  

Male Yellow & Green Belt Sparring
2nd Place  Derek  Brady  

Full results are on the RITA site and facebook page

Master Howard helps Umpires to see the Point



Our very own Master Robert Howard lead the recent RITA’s National ITF Umpire Course held in Carrick-on-Suir.   As well a teaching at the Cabra school Master Howard is chair of the RITA’s Umpire Committee and he led the course with his good friend and fellow masrer, Master Mark O’Donnell from Galway Taekwon-Do School.

The event was hosted by Mr Paul Tobin and the Carrick-on-Suir Taekwon-Do School. In attendance were members from Old Bawn Waterford, Carrick-on-Suir, Fethard and Red Star.

The morning started with a power point presentation on the role and duties of an umpire. Master Howard stressed that fairness and unbiased decision making is the corner stone of being a good umpire. He said ‘You can make mistakes, or not know something, or you can be wrong in your understanding of the rules, but we can fix that. What we can’t fix is a biased umpire. We can’t trust you and the competitors and students can’t trust you.’ He added, ‘that is not the Taekwon-Do way’.

Master O’Donnell continued the presentation with a guide to judging patterns.  The trainee umpires got to practice their scoring by watching videos of patterns and using the electronic scoring (clickers) system. They then got to discuss and share their views, and by the end of the session all the umpires’ scores were converging to a common norm.

Mater Howard led the session on Power Breaking and Special Technique and again the umpires got to practice blue flagging or red flagging competitors (on video) breaking with techniques used at RITA competitions.

The afternoon was focussed on sparring. Both corner judging and centre refereeing was covered in detail. It was clear from the corner judging that many of the participants had extensive tournament experience and were well able to award the correct points.  There B class umpires were guided in the proper hand signals and ring protocol as well as the main fouls and tricks competitors do. The A class umpires covered the Fight System scoring software and Jury President duties.

The day ended with the two Masters thanking the participants for their openness and willingness to learn. They also thanked Mr Paul Tobin and his member for the use of the great facilities at their full time dojang.

This latest course on the 40th anniversary of the association means that almost all the RITA’s black belts are now qualified umpires and we should have a fair and high standard of judging at the Cork event. So that’s another reason why the students of GM Howard’s dojang will be up early on Saturday the 31st of March and getting the bus to the ITF-Ireland Cup in Cork.

Photos of the umpire course are on the RITA’s facebook page.


Students at Grandmaster Howard’s Taekwon-Do School in Cabra wowed a packed hall of spectators at their annual January martial arts demonstration.  The Taekwon-Do students aged from 6 to 73 years demonstrated all aspects of the Korean martial art. The younger children showed off the jumping, kicking and flexibility, while the higher grades impressed the audience with the vast array of self-defence moves and spectacular kicks. Some of the students said afterwards that ‘The highlight of the evening was when the black belts smashed their way through piles of timber, tiles and bricks.’ Grandmaster Howard rounded off the night with an impressive knife-hand strike into tiles. The event was to launch the Taekwon-Do school’s new beginners’ classes held every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 pm in the Cabra Parkside Community Centre (The Bogies),Ratoath Rd, Cabra.


The videos from the Demonstration are now available on the site at:


For further information see our classes section